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10:00 –10:30  Registration


10:30–11:00 Opening of the conference


Greetings and introductory speeches

  • Zaal Abashidze, PhD, Director of the Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts

  • Prof. George Gugushvili, Rector of Tbilisi State Academy of Art

  • Prof. Nino Tchogoshvili, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Restoration, Art History and Theory, Tbilisi State Academy of Art       


11:00–11:30 Guest speakers

  • Dimitri Tumanishvili, Nino Gaganidze and Ana Kldiashvili: Georgia as a Crossroad

11:30–12:45 Panel 1. Moderator: Marina Vicelja Matijašić

  • Stavros Panayiotou (Paphos, Cyprus): Re-examining Hagiographical Sources on the Arabo-Byzantine Intercultural Relations in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean

  • Dea Gunia (Tbilisi, Georgia)Symbolic Sculptural Decoration of Georgia Kumurdo Cathedral and Its Connections with Antique Roman or Romanesque Cultures

  • Costanza Beltrami (London, UK)Reconsidering the Use of Islamic Decoration in San Juan de los Reyes, Toledo, and in the Oeuvre of Juan Guas (Documented 1453–1496)




12:45–14:15   Lunch break*


14:15–15:30 Panel 2. Moderator: Dalibor Prančević

  • Katharina Swoboda (Graz, Austria): The Frame that Blinds Us     

  • Kristian Handberg (Copenhagen, Denmark): Cosmonaut Paintings as Contemporary Art: The Soviet Pavilion at the Venice Biennale as Crossroads of Different Modernities

  • Elena Korowin (Karlsruhe, Germany): The Summer of 59 and the Rise of Soviet Nonconformists


15:30–16:00  Coffee break

16:00–17:15    Panel 3. Moderator: Ana Kldiashvili

  • Kristine Darchia (Tbilisi, Georgia): Reflections of Paul Cezanne's Painting in Klara Kvees Creative Art (Georgian Painting of 1920’s)

  • J. English Cook (New-York, USA): Reel Living Landscapes: Americanism and the Built Environment in Early Global Cinema

  • Sophie-Charlotte Opitz (Frankfurt, Germany): Dynamics and Travels of Cross-Cultural Dialogue Within Conceptual War Photography



18:00  Opening of the Exhibition “Art and Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Identity and Cultural Diversity”

Venue:  19 Jan Shardeni Street, Tbilisi


Lunch is not provided by the organizers.


10:00–11:15 Panel 4. Moderator: Asta Vrečko

  • Levent Boz (Ankara, Turkey): Oriental Carpets and Unexpected Encounters

  • Špela Grošelj (Istanbul, Turkey): This is My Hammam

  • Ieva Kalnača (Riga, Latvia): The Manifestations of Neo-Islamic style in Baltic Architecture and Interior Design as an Example of a Versatile Cross-Cultural Dialogue




11:15–11:45 Coffee break


11:45–13:00 Panel 5. Moderator: Nenad Makuljević

  • Vuk Dautović (Belgrade, Serbia)Sephardic Jews and Transfer of the Spanish Culture to the Balkan through the Early Modern Period

  • Tatia Oboladze (Paris, France): Reception of the City in French and Georgian Symbolist Aesthetics

  • Ekaterine Bagdavadze (Tbilisi, Georgia): Art as One of the Main Expressions of Identity: Artefact Hermeneutics and Identity Crisis



13:00–14:30 Lunch break*


14:30–15:45 Panel 6. Moderator: Nino Tchogoshvili

  • Christin Ruppio (Dortmund, Germany): The Hohenhof in Hagen: Early Modern Architecture as a Gateway to Dialogue

  • Tamar Kharatishvili (Evanston Illinois, USA): Crossing Borders and Conflicting Visions: Light and Movement in La Prose du Transsibérien

  • Meri Matsaberidze (Tbilisi, Georgia): Androgyne Paradigm in Georgian Modernism (On the example of some works by Petre Otskheli)



15:45–16:15 Coffee break


16:15–17:30 Panel 7. Moderator: Nina Unković

  • Marija Krnić (Coventry, UK)Adaptation and Resistance: The Genesis of Dalmatian Saints’ Plays in Cross-Cultural Perspective

  • Stefanie Proksch-Weilguni (Vienna, Austria): Artists Beyond Borders: Maria Lassnig in New York (1968−1980)

  • Sanja Sekelj (Zagreb, Croatia): Shifting Geographies Mutability of Croatia’s Artistic Geography in the 1990s


Final discussion


19:00 Closing dinner**

Kala Café in 'Kalaubani', 8/10 Erekle II St. Tbilisi




* Lunch is not provided by the organizers.

** Conference participants and members of Organizing committee are welcome to the dinner. All costs are provided by the host organizations.

09:00  Free guided tour to Mtskheta

Venue: Rose Revolution Square, Tbilisi


13:00–14:00 Free guided tour to The Museum of Fine Arts

Venue: 2/4 Aleksandr Pushkin St, Tbilisi

Thursday, 28th September 2017



Georgian National Museum Auditorium, 3, Anton Purtseladze Street, 1st floor, map

Friday, 29th September 2017


Georgian National Museum Auditorium, 3, Anton Purtseladze Street, 1st floor, map

Saturday, 30th September 2017


Free guided tours

Art and Cross-Cultural Dialogue:

Identity and Cultural Diversity

Organizing committeeZaal Abashidze, Vedran Barbarić, Jelena Erdeljan, Tine Germ, Nenad Makuljević, Marina Vicelja Matijašić, Dalibor Prančević, Ivana Prijatelj Pavičić, Nino Tchoghoshvili (co-chairs); Ines Babnik, Gašper Cerkovnik, Eter Edisherasvhili, Ana Kldiashvili, Martina Malešič, Katra Meke, Barbara Španjol Pandelo, Ketevan Tsetskhladze, Nino Tsitsishvili, Nina Unković, Asta Vrečko.

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